What is a Sari-Sari Store and Why is it Important?

A sari-sari store is the traditional convenience store found in every street in the Philippines. It is the simple Filipino’s “pantry extension,” where we can buy goods & services in very small quantities. It is also a community center: a place where we take breaks, listen to stories and catch up on latest news & gossip.
Here are some interesting articles that highlight the importance of the sari-sari store:
  1. Industry Perspectives
    1. The economics of women empowerment: Why Coca-Cola Philippines is investing in women to grow its business
    2. Sari-Sari Stores: Maximizing Distribution Opportunities
    3. With Unilever, communities join journey towards progress
    4. The evolving (and sustainable) business of micro-entrepreneurs
    5. Nestle Aims For ‘Sari-Sari’ Stores As It Turns To Digital
    6. Sari-sari stores gear up for greater competition
    7. Sari-sari stores behind 11% personal care sales hike in the PH
  2. Community Perspectives
    1. “Importance of Sari-Sari Store in the Economy”
    2. “Sari Sari Store: Your One Stop Shop”
    3. Sari Sari

There are many more stories about sari-sari stores in the Philippines. If you wish to learn more, feel free to send us an email!

P.S. Just so you know, there are also similar-looking, traditional convenience stores all over Southeast Asia. For instance, Indonesians call them “warungs”, and the Vietnamese call them “cho.” It is a wonderful component of the retail industry in the developing world. Let us know about the sari-sari store counterpart of your country! Contact us.